The story rolls on

Chapter 3 is written, and will go up on Friday as always.

When it goes up, you will immediately have 24hrs to make a suggestion for an EVENT or ITEM before voting begins.

This will be your chance to shape the story. At present, more people are reading, and even subscribing, than are commenting or voting. This is making it much too easy to do this improv thing! The more you join in, the more unpredictable it becomes, and the harder we have to work this end, and the more fun it will be. So, come by on Friday, find out if Outjie is giggling because of chewing Salvia Divinorum, or if Mozey unwittingly had some for dinner last night and actually hallucinated the hippo, or….?

And, once you have read Chapter 3, we dare you to JUMP IN!


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