Freya’s Daughter = a gift for you!

Happy holidays!

Freya’s Daughter is a short biological sci-fi novella based on the facts about T-Gondii, a parasite that infects huge numbers of people on planet earth. And yes, all the facts in the book are accurate.
If you are under 16 please take this one under parental advisement.
Usual price $1.99, get your free gift until 18th Jan 2013

go to and enter coupon SV72Q

“Freya’s Daughter is a classic biological sci-fi novella from Rahnia Devire. What do cats, the schizophrenic psychic Astrild, and the newly discovered comet Freya have in common? T-Gondii is a microscopic parasite that can control behaviour – in rats, in cats, and in humans. Ex military man Mack’s new wife Linda has it, and now she’s in coma. Risking his life would be easy, but can he risk his sanity, to save her?”


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