How it works

PyQwyQ is an interactive improvisational fyQtion jam. It’s not just the usual ‘choose your options from the ones I offer’ setup. The story is written in direct response to reader’s suggestions: genuine improvisational flow.

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Friday – new story installment, make your suggestions.

Saturday – vote for suggestions on the polls.

Sunday – find out who won.

Mon-Thurs – wonder what’s going to happen on Friday.

Friday – find out.


On Friday, a new story installment is posted. After reading, you are free to send a comment suggesting either an EVENT (could be what the character does, what happens to them, something they see or hear, whatever), OR an ITEM to include in the next installment. (Item could be a thing, animal, place, element, anything, but NOT a person.)

PyQwyQ will pyQ three suggestions for an EVENT in the next installment, and three for an ITEM to include. Want us to pyQ yours? 1) keep it BRIEF 2) make it original 3) be one of the first to post. The suggestions we pyQ are posted in poll format on Saturday. If your suggestion is competing in the poll, invite all your friends to come and vote for you. Or count on how cool your suggestion is. Or just hope.

On Sunday voting closes and the EVENT and ITEM winners are announced.

Next Friday the next story installment is posted and you get to see what the author did with the suggestions you chose.

After 12 weeks, the story is done.

Don’t bother posting obscene or hate-inciting suggestions, they simply won’t make it past admin.

Rahnia Devire is the current resident author at PyQwyQ.


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