Our current, first and only character at this stage is Mozey.

Mozey is a scholarship boy at a private high school for boys. Although he is really good at English and Music, it’s his cricketing talent that got him in. Now that his place is assured there until he graduates, he’s actually not that interested in the sport. It’s writing his novel that consumes his spare time.

What he wants more than anything is to feel like he is worthy, and that he belongs. He’d like to make a lot of money so he can buy his mother a house.

Mozey has no idea who his father is, and no way to find out – his mother won’t talk about it, his only uncle is dead, and he’s never met his grandparents. His mother denies it, but Mozey isn’t stupid – he can tell that he’s the reason she is poor and alone, outcast from her wealthy but religiously conservative family.

Mozey hasn’t got a girlfriend. He’s reasonably good looking in spite of the occasional pimple, but doesn’t trust himself. Secretly he spends a lot of time being scared – of the sea, of the dark, of the future, of failing at school and letting his mother down. He’s tall enough that his legs get in the way when he tries to dance. He’s always coming up with wisecracks that get him into trouble, but his words get stuck in a loop in his brain when talking to girls.

The novel he’s writing is based on a dream he once had. In the dream his uncle didn’t drown while scuba diving as his mother has said. Instead, he met a mermaid and now lives under the ocean. Mozey keeps his novel very, very private. If anyone asks, he will tell them it’s a horror novel he’s writing. With Zombies in. In some ways, that’s almost true. When he finally publishes it, he’ll use a feminine pen name. He thinks the name “Rahnia Devire” sounds cool.

The problem is, writing can mess with your mind. There are days when Rahnia and Mozey have arguments about which of them is inventing the other.

Mozey is the opening character for this interactive improvisational fyQtion. Please use the comments to post suggestions on 1) the first EVENT that should happen in the story. It could be something that Mozey does, or something that happens to him;OR 2) an ITEM to appear in the first installment. It could be an animate or inanimate thing, a place, or an element.


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