Terms and Conditions

“PyQwyQ” means PyQwyQ and all its agents.

By posting suggestions and/or voting on PyQwyQ you acknowledge that PyQwyQ exclusively owns all rights on all material published on the PyQwyQ site, and you agree that your contribution does not in any way entitle you to any contributor’s credit or acknowledgment, or any share of financial gain. PyQwyQ may, at its sole discretion, occasionally credit, acknowledge or reward contributors without incurring any obligations or liabilities of any kind in this regard.

By posting any suggestion or comment you warrant that your contribution is free of any copyright or other infringement and is posted without any malicious intent.

PyQwyQ reserves the right to change or discontinue the site in any way at any time, at its sole discretion.

All characters, events, items and places referred to are fictitious and any resemblance to any real person, event, object or place is unintended and coincidental. Where they may be identical to persons, items or places in the real world, they should be understood to exist in a separate and completely fyQtional reality that implies nothing about their counterparts in our regular consensus reality.

We don’t aim to offend, but don’t claim to be able to shoot straight. If you are under 13 please don’t come here without checking with your parent first. If you are over 13 don’t come here if it offends you. By using this site you agree that PyQwyQ has no liability of any kind for any sort of harm anyone may suffer in any way from using this site, including but not limited to having your worldview ruthlessly enlarged.


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